Reddy Kancharla Provides Insight On Proper Construction Project Scheduling And Fast Completion

Modern day consumers are habituated to fast services and solutions in every aspect, including construction. Reddy Kancharla mentions that the demanded construction timelines by the clients are shrinking with every passing day, making proper construction project scheduling and fast completion extremely vital. Scheduling in construction basically implies to listing diverse tasks, activities, and milestones involved in the process with a planned start and finish date.  This scheduling plays a crucial role in making sure that a construction project is completed in time and within the fixed budget. Without a planned schedule, there would be high chances of delays in construction.

All construction managers aim at completing their project in times. However, there are several factors that may slow down this process.  As per Reddy Kancharla, these factors include ineffective communication, inadequate planning, project errors and so on. Mr. Kancharla has 25 years of experience in civil construction, construction QA/QC, and geotechnical consultation. This makes him a great candidate to talk about construction projects, as well as processes associated with them.  He mentions that by adopting the best practices related to construction management, one can make sure that their project meets its deadlines without compromising on quality.

Here are a few pointers provided by Reddy Kancharla that can help people to complete their construction projects in time:

  • Improve planning: Better planning equals to improved productivity, and ultimately faster completion. Prior to start working on the project, the construction managers must come up with a detailed plan on how to perform the work required in the least amount of time. Majority of the construction projects end up getting delayed due to their unnecessary waiting times. The ideal way to complete all the tasks involved would be to eradicate all the waiting times present at each stage of the construction process. Another advantageous approach is to analyze all the previous projects from start to finish, with the aim of identifying issues in productivity and reasons for delays. After identifying the problems, the construction professionals should try to find ways to avoid them in the future.
  • Invest in power backup: No matter the size of the project, it is crucial to have an emergency solution to deal with a power outage. There are several reasons why the power at a construction site may suddenly go off. This issue can even last for several days if the power goes off due to major damage caused by weather turbulence.  To make sure that the construction work does not stop in this situation, construction companies must invest in generators.
  • Use construction management software:  Usage of technology can be one of the most effective ways to fast-track construction. Construction management software are able to competently manage every aspect of a construction project, thereby streamlining all the tasks involved with utmost accuracy.

The pointers mentioned above can surely help people to complete their construction projects in time.